Wednesday, 7 February 2018

133. A Tale of Many Hobbyists. Part 1.

In case I haven't mentioned this before, I run a Hobby Club called West Midlands Wizards based in, shockingly, the West Midlands.

I'm in charge of events for the club (either running them, or coordinating) and one of the events I've set up is 'A Tale of Many Hobbyists.'

In case you haven't heard of this kind of event, it is something Games Workshop used to do in White Dwarf (I think they still do occasionally), where several Hobbyists, get together, set a target, and work towards an end goal.
This used ot take the form of 'A Tale of Many Gamers,' with players growing their force each month, and taking part of a linked campaign.

While I'd love to run this, the pace is slightly relentless, and in addition, not everyone in the club games or collects large projects.
So I decided to run 'A Tale of Many Hobbyists.'

The year is split in to 4 separate parts, and at each intersection, participants set up a hobby goal to work towards.
At the end of the year, we'll all have made some awesome progress... and conveniently, completely (hopefully) a specific project in time for another event I've set up, 'Project of the Year (which is something we can talk about later).

I digress.

My hobby goal for the first 3 months is to get some of my long standing projects completed.

First and foremost I want to get Leman Russ finished (Ideally in time for the next trip I go on to Warhammer World)

In addition, my 2 classic Bloodbowl teams

The Orks:

The Humans:

On top of this, I want to finish my Lord Relictor:

These have all been started, but considering how long I paint, it is something a little ambitious for me!

How about you guys? Would you like to join in?
The first part, consisting of 3 months, runs from February 2nd and concludes May 3rd.
Hit me up on here, my Twitter or my Instagram with your pledges and progress if you do!

I'll try to post progress at least once each month

Until then (or something worth while happens)


Wednesday, 31 January 2018

132. Solaris Reaper Primaris Space Marine.

So, I haven't posted here for a good long time.
If I go into detail, it will be over at The Science of Selling Yourself Short
In terms of the hobby I've been all over the place.

First off I've been running a gaming club for the last 6-ish months. It has taken a lot of my focus, and to make up for it, I'll p[probably post the content I've made for it on here (once it's concluded)

Second, I've invested a lot of time on a commission paint job I took on quite some time ago.
Despite being told I have no reason to rush, or feel pressured, I couldn't help but put pressure on myself.
This has meant that, not only have I not finished the commission itself, but also, I've felt guilty working on anything of my own... to the point I've been super inspired and excited to do a thing, but haven't allowed myself to do it.

Third, I've taken a big break from 40k.
I have mentioned this previously, but I'm not totally sold on the new 40k.
It's been several months, I've played a good few games and read a good amount of the material, and I just don't much care for it.
It lacks flavour, it lacks theme based mechanics (which is the draw of a game like 40k) and it lacks finesse.

I think I'm going to stick to AOS for gaming for the foreseeable future (unless a few of us want play some previous editions/ 30K)

That being said, I obviously still love the theme, the flavour and the miniatures.

So on that note, I have a thing to show you.

Recently, a member of the club I help run has just finished running a painting competition on his Instagram.

The challenge was to paint a Space Marine in his homebrew chapters colour scheme.
As I need a bit of a kick up the ass to make any progress.

Here you go:




I think the whole thing took me about 8 hours, and reminded me of how much I hate painting white.

Anyway, hopefully I'll start getting back into some 40k stuff, and my hobby in general.

Until then


Tuesday, 30 January 2018

New Year Startu!

I know I haven't posted anything since July, but let's see about fixing that.

I've recently been biting off more than I can chew in life, but I'm getting good at managing it, so hopefully I'll get some shit done!

Speaking of....

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

I'ma just leave this here...

I am excited.

Expect to see my Escher gang return!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

131. Bolt of Tzeentch - Tzeetch Sorcerer, Hall of Honour. Tzeentch Disciples part 11.

My Tzeentch Sorcerer enters into my 'Hall of Honour.'
It is finally finished...


The picture isn't of the best quality, and the face isn't the best either (but then, I think that's at least a little down to the sculpt).

That's two models finished!
I think that's a record for any of my armies to be fair!

Expect little progress for a while as I work on several other things at once!

Until then!


Saturday, 29 July 2017

130. Boon of Mutation. Tzeetch Disciples part 10.

While doing the shields I also did some work on the Warriros...
Usually I'm not a huge fan of mutations on models, but I felt that some well placed, thematic/ relevant mutations here and there would really sell the Tzeentch and CHaos theme of the Warriors, who are a little too 'clean' usually.

Speaking of, the 5 'clean' Warriors.


Just a little Green Stuff work to fill in the mold lines on the fur.

The next 5 were my 'front rank.'
Back in the old Warhammer Fantasy Days, the front 5 models usually formed the first rank and therefore had to be slightly better looking XD


This was a simple kitbash; I took a bit from the 40K possessed Chaos Space Marines to replace his combat weapon.

The next was also a quick kitbash, taking the head from the Chaos Spawn kit


As for my 'Command,' I have a musician; using the head from the old metal Chaos Space Marine Lord model...


The squad leader/ vertan/ sergant/ champion


And finally my personal favortie, the banner bearer.



For this guy I sculpted my own tentacle arm to hold the banner pole.
This was done by using my usual Green Stuff Mix and using the rolling tool made by Green Stuff World.

And that's the whole unit built.


Left the shield and banner off for painting (like that'll happen)

And with that, my 1000 pts Aos army is fully built.
Since building it, I've changed a few of the spells and items round, but I'm fairly happy with the list.
It is really fun to play with, and I'd like to think it represents the narrative I've set for the army quite well.
Though, I do plan on going back to it at some point and having a tinker around here and there, see if I can't make it a bit more fitting.

But that's all for now.
Remember, if you want to see what I'm currently working on, I'm much more active on Instagram, and I stream painting sessions on my Twitch, so click those links for more stuff!

Catch you soon


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

129. Mystic Shield. Tzeentch Disciples part 9.

Yeah, more form the 'catching up with stuff I've already finished' set of pictures

I got round to 'Tzeetchifying' all of my Warriors of Chaos.

One of the ways I wanted to do this was by adding some Tzeentch iconography to the models.
The easiest way I could think of was to convert the shields.

I'd seen the awesome Tzeetch Shields from Silver Tower and decided to nab some stuff from that.
I used some blue stuff to make some press molds...


... and then just 'printed' some shield details


A little bit of chain to give it a more traditional warriors of Chaos aesthetic.


And the shields are all done!


On to the actual Warriors!